Police Dogs


Kevin & K9 “Django”

We take great pride in knowing we manufacture some of the finest working dog teams possible. Police service dogs are serious business. The law enforcement agency and the citizens they serve deserve only the best. There is too much at risk not to have a reliable, trustworthy police dog. Our working teams have had countless successes and have accounted for hundreds of seizures and apprehensions making communities, and the officers they serve, safer.


Dual Purpose Police K-9

The IronHeart Training Center has taken great pride knowing we produce some of the finest police service dogs in the industry. Police dogs are serious business and it is imperative that any agency acquiring a police dog get one that has been properly selection tested. A quality police dog used for patrol exercises should readily engage a suspect. For this reason, it is so important that an agency receive a dog that will engage a person with sustained muzzle combat and not be fixated on bite sleeves or bite suits. Our patrol dogs are carefully selected from Europe from the most qualified, trusted persons. In some cases, our staff travels to Europe to select the finest patrol dogs.

The staff at IronHeart take great pride in ensuring a quality curriculum is adhered to, and ensuring the police service dog teams operate with precision and clarity. Obedience is the foundation for everything we do and absolute cleanliness with all patrol exercises is essential in the formation of a quality police dog team. High stress obedience, running recalls, bark and hold (optional), cover and pat down position, prisoner escorts, building searches, area searches, article searches and advanced tracking are exercises that must be executed with very little error. Officer’s lives depend on these basic fundamentals of patrol dog work. The governmental entity also has a vested interest that these fundamentals for patrol dogs are done correctly to reduce the liability that can be prominent with improperly trained police dogs.

All of our dogs are extremely focused, intense and determined. They have an unquestioned work ethic and are exposed to stringent selection testing prior to placement in a police service dog program. Any of our patrol dogs will have the necessary drives to combine narcotics or explosives detection to give your agency better value in a dual purpose police dog.

Our basic patrol dog handler course is 8 weeks depending on the skill level and experience of the handler. Sometimes there can be exceptions, however a 400 hour curriculum is recommended. There is so much to cover to ensure the proficiency and safety of the canine team and those that could be affected by deficiencies caused by a lack of training. Once the training is concluded, a national certification will be attempted, normally a Master Trainer from the North American Police Work Dog Association will be recommended, but any nationally recognized association can be used. In any event, it is absolutely essential that a third party organization conduct the certification. It is the downfall of too many agencies to certify their own, or have the vendor where they were purchased providing the certification. Those days will quickly be coming to an end, and the quality of teams should improve. We strongly recommend a nationally recognized association having well written bylaws, and a good track record.


The IronHeart Training Center boasts some of the best training locations in the country. We have our new, state of the art training facility, as well as numerous locations within easy driving distance. Please contact us for more information about our dogs, training or lodging options. We can provide numerous references on request.