Personal Protection Dogs

There is no disputing the fact that a dog is one of the best deterents to home invasions and burglaries. In this day and age a well trained personal protection dog can give anyone peace of mind when at home or on the walking trail.

All too often, companies are selling “Executive Personal Protection” dogs that are merely trained to bite a sleeve and wouldn’t defend their family or property very well at all. A dog with obedience and merely barks when somebody comes around, or only bites a sleeve or bite suit, should not be sold as a high level protection dog. That is robbery and something we go out of our way to ensure does not happen.

The IronHeart Training Center takes pride in providing varying levels of protection dogs to safeguard yourself and your family. Depending on your needs, we can provide dogs ranging in price starting as low as $1,500 and continuing in excess of $10,000. The training can range from mid-level obedience and basic protection exercises, to very advanced obedience and advanced protection exercises similar to those a police dog would perform. The upfront cost of the dog can also have a big affect on cost.

As with any of our packages, training is offered as part of the package for one year from the time of the purchase. The dog is guaranteed to be replaced due to any defects found to be genetic in nature.

All of our dogs are carefully selection tested for proper drives and health. Some are imported and most are “green” and completely trained by us to ensure things were done correctly. We do not flip a low level trained dog from Europe and sell it as a highly trained personal protection dog. We have integrity and will not take advantage of the common purchaser who may not know any better.

The handler course can range from two days for low level protection dogs, to two to three weeks depending on the needs and use of the dog. In most cases, the handler course can be accomplished within a week. A lot will depend on the skill level of the handler and the chemistry of the team. There also may be cases where we can send a trainer to your location to provide the delivery of the dog and the handler course.

We also offer courses for the training of your personal protection dog. These courses are geared for beginners to highly advanced. After an initial assessment, your dog will be placed into classes ranging from “Rookie Recruit”, “Field Training”, and “Executive Protection”. The Executive Protection course consists of exercises most police dogs perform such as building searches, bark and hold, running recall, muzzled apprehensions, directional apprehensions, criminal escorts, and high stress obedience. This class involves very advanced obedience and covers liability reducing topics.

Most of the training is done at one of our locations in Shawnee, Kansas, or our new location south of Lawrence, Kansas. We can provide private classes at your home and the cost will vary on the distance. Our group classes are included on the Training For the Public page. Please call for pricing and class times.