IronHeart offers detector dog services to the public. Discreet drug searches, bomb dog inspection services, and bedbug inspections are some of the services we provide.

Explosives Detector Dog Services
We have provided bomb dog services for some very high profile events including nationally recognized sporting events, VIP and military functions. All of our canine teams have years of handling experience and undergo very stringent training and certification standards. Most of the handlers not only have years of handling experience, they also have many years of law enforcement experience and have a better feel for suspicious activity. They also look professional and know how to conduct themselves at all times.

All of the handlers are trained on the latest trends in explosives and the components of bomb making materials and construction. The ATF has identified over 19,000 different explosives mixtures that belong to six basic families of explosives. Our dogs are trained
to detect explosives belonging to the six categories as identified by the ATF.

Never before has the likelihood, or risk of explosives been as high as it is today. Whether the threat is international or domestic terrorism, or merely criminal in nature, explosives have become a very real threat in todays society. Call us and get a quote on your next event, or task that requires explosives detector dog inspections.

We also have certified bomb technicians on staff that can provide risk assessments, security consulting, and explosives awareness classes for your employees or security team.

Discreet Drug Dog Inspections
Our drug dog inspection handlers understand the importance of confidentiality and take an oath to protect your privacy and not discuss their findings with anyone. Whether you are scheduling a drug free workplace inspection, or suspect a troubled teen is involved with drugs and want to know if controlled substances are present in your home, it is our goal to provide you with the best detection alternative without the complexities that often
accompany police involvement. In addition to having excellent drug detection canines, our handlers have years of experience and are familiar with commonly encountered hiding locations and stash containers. We would be glad to provide you, or your company or organization a demonstration and or preventive countermeasure to assist you with preventing controlled substances in your home, building, outdoor areas, or vehicles.

Bedbug Inspection Services
The IronHeart Training Center has been training and providing hundreds of bedbug detection dogs to teams in nearly every state. We are now offering this service with our own handlers and dog teams. We offer a three part inspection that ensures a very high proficiency rate. Our handlers undergo as much training as their four legged counterpart and the two combined create an unmatched bedbug detecting team.

Our teams undergo very strict training and certification guidelines. Our handlers will always show you visual confirmation of the presence of bedbugs and will not cause you to incur unnecessary treatments and cost. We have multiple dog teams which ensures our dogs are rested and providing you the optimum in their abilities.

We offer regularly scheduled preventive sweeps as well as isolated incidents where bedbugs may be suspected. A bedbug inspection is often a cost saving alternative to costly court battles involving landlord and tenant disputes revolving around the “Who’s at fault?” epidemic, and determining who pays for the treatment. Our teams go out of their way to employ every tool at their disposal in the quest to detect bedbugs. A highly trained bedbug detection dog is very proficient at locating these pesky bugs. There is no questioning a dog’s scenting capability. A dog has hundreds of millions more scent receptors than a human and a dog is capable of picking up the fringe of a scent cone and migrating directly to its source. There can be variables when working with dogs and for this reason we find it important to provide a three part inspection that will aid in ensuring “checks and balances” for optimum proficiency. We have multiple dog teams that can increase proficiency and avoid burning out and causing one dog too much fatigue. We keep the dogs fresh and rotate new dogs in to ensure maximum proficiency.

Our teams understand how embarrassing and costly bedbug rumors and comments can be to your business or household. For this reason our handlers make every attempt to be as conspicuous as possible when responding to inspections, and not discussing results or identifying customers to anyone outside those directly involved with the inspection.