Bomb Dogs

A bomb dog must be the finest working dog in existence due to the safety of the public for which they serve.

The IronHeart Training Center prides itself in producing some of the finest explosive detector dog teams in the world.
Numerous federal, state, local law enforcement, and private companies are enjoying the benefits of a quality dog and a quality handler course from the IronHeart Training Center. All of our dogs are extremely focused, intense and determined.

A quality explosives detector dog must be teamed with a quality handler course to ensure the proficiency and safety of the canine team and those that could be affected by deficiencies caused by a lack of training.
It is very important each handler become familiar with the components of explosives, trends in explosives worldwide, and the individual composition of these explosives.

A bomb dog must be handled like a bomb dog and not a drug dog. It is imperative that each handler truly understand the operational differences that exist between other disciplines. We stress the prioritization of sweeps, a systematic, tactical approach that should be engrained in each handler throughout the entire handler course.

The IronHeart Training Center uses several different training locations to ensure quality training and varying environments are experienced. Please contact us for more information about any of our dogs, training, or lodging options.

Bomb Dogs