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Iron Heart uses the same motivational training methods for bed bug detection that have made it a leader in providing all types of detection dogs for commercial and law enforcement purposes.

The IronHeart Bed Bug Dog Advantage


The Iron Heart Training Center has developed a very effective, systematic approach for the training of bed bug detector dogs. Various phases of training have been identified and perfected over the course of training hundreds of detector dogs. Everything from the initial selection, to the finished product, has been carefully considered with the goal of producing the most proficient bed bug detector dogs in the industry.

A bed bug detector dog is one of the most difficult dogs to train and requires months of daily training. Our positive training methods coupled with many years of experience, have produced excellent results all across North America and Europe. Many companies have purchased their second and third bed bug detector dogs due to the success of their first dog.

Once the bed bug dogs are completely trained, the handler then attends a bed bug dog handler course where they will learn how to handle the bed bug detector dog and become proficient at effectively working the dog and avoiding many of the common handling errors that can cause false alerts and ineffectiveness. A good bed bug detector dog handler learns how to do their part in making the detector dog team, a good team. It is a total team effort and not just the dog, which is why the team certifies and not just the bed bug detector dog. Everything from leash handling, training principles, characteristics of scent, proper handling of training aids, maintenance training, training records, certification, and much more is covered in the bed bug detector handler course.

The Iron Heart Training Center prides itself in providing excellent quality, yet not gouging the consumer with an exorbitant price tag. All of our trainers have many years of training experience and take great pride in every dog and team that is produced. The friendly staff holds customer service and satisfaction of paramount importance

The Bed Bug Epidemic

Bed bug infestations are becoming epidemic in commercial and residential facilities. Smaller than the head of an eraser, bed bugs hide in laptops, cellphones, any place that’s warm, and only come out at night to attack unsuspecting victims — human or animal.

Hotels, schools, residential care facilities, property managers, and homeowners are desperate to get quick, accurate detection of bed bug infestations in their commercial or residential properties.

Iron Heart trains its bed bug detection dogs to specifically locate bed bug infestations with a higher level of accuracy than human beings and in much less time. In just a few minutes, an Iron Heart bed bug detection dog can locate bed bug infestations that are invisible to the eye.

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Why Worry About Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are bloodsucking pests that cause itching misery far out of proportion to their tiny size. They lurk in tiny crevices and cracks invisible to the naked eye (but not to the trained senses of bed bug detection dogs!). In the dark, bed bugs seek out the warmth of their victims and drop down on their skin. Sinking their feeding tubes into their unsuspecting victims, they feed on blood for five minutes before becoming satiated. Because of the anesthetic the bed bugs inject, it is only hours, or even days, later that their victim feels the intense itching and sees the welts caused by the bites — sometimes several from one feeding bed bug if the bed bug was disturbed while feeding or if it was trying to find a vein.

The Bed Bug Epidemic

Many people are surprised to hear about a bed bug epidemic in the United States in the 21st century. Bed bugs were a pest of the past, almost eradicated in the mid-20th century.
However, thanks to increased international travel, bed bugs were able to hitch rides in luggage, clothes, and laptops to find new homes and new victims to feed on in U.S. cities, hotels, hospitals, and houses.